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    Savage Worlds Deadlands campaign lLooking for Players

    Thinking of starting up a Deadlands game, I have gamemastered games of deadlands in person before , so I wanted to post and see if there was any interest.

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    it would most likely be Monday , Tuesday or Wednesday morning east coast usa time probably around 8am to noon so 4 hour sessions

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    I know it's out of your time range, but if you were considering evenings at all, I'm available Monday or Tuesday from 6:30pm to 10:30pm EST.
    FGC/U Ultimate License - Savage Worlds GM

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    id be game for tuesday or wednesday mornings I have been itching for a good savage world game recently

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    only problem is currently that conflicts with my summer work schedule, sorry bud

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    yea Wednesday morning sounds great, if ur in send me ur discord name and ill invite you to my server, I would still need to get enough people to set a date but gotta start somewhere

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    I've never played before but I sadly have a lot of the books. I will eventually (after the new Kickstarter ships) like to run an in person game with my gaming group. I'd love to get some experience actually playing. I'm in Oklahoma and can make those mornings work.
    Let me know if you're interested in a new person / novice joining.

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    I've always wanted to play Deadlands, but I got this 9 to 5 in the way....

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    I could possibly work it out. I'm CET, that's GMT+2 atm. But need a bit more info about the game. FG classic or unity? Voice or text? Streamed or not? rp vs combat? How many players? anything else?

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