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    LFG Warhammer games

    Hey, I'm looking for some Warhammer (40k preferably, but also fantasy) groups if there are anyout there? It's really hard to find a group for them.

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    I would enjoy that as well,if gamers are need. ROLL THE DIE!!!

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    I'd be willing to get back into that. Been a while since I've played.

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    Very interested in trying a WFRP game. I'm in the USA East Coast, and can play online if you're interested, and would try to be flexible on days/times. I've been gaming for decades, much experience with D&D and Pathfinder, and several years of Warhammer tabletop wargames, but would love to try Warhammer Fantasy Role Play.

    I just bought the WFRP 4e rules, but would be willing to try earlier editions, or Zweihander (which I understand is a WFRP clone of sorts, able to be used in any setting).

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    Hell I am looking for a warhammer 40k only war or dark inquisition.

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    Count me in for WH40K - any version! Might be an idea to post at one of the discord groups such as

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    Hello. I am very interested to try the 40k universe. never before played and open to everything. GMT +2

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    Would be interested in Warhammer Fantasy Role Play going. GMT +0

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