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    Looking to add 2 to D&D Clasic 2E campaign

    FG License: Ultimate license
    Game System: D&D Classic better known by old players as AD&D 2E
    Time Zone: Pacific Time USA
    Day of week and time: Fridays starting at 4:30 PM
    Planned start date: Started on 3/13/2020 Yes that is Friday the 13th hope your not a Templar
    Planned Duration & Frequency: Currently have been running about 4 hrs per session. This will be weekly. I am looking for people that can show up each week and are dedicated to doing so. If something comes up, after all things do and we can all understand that, please drop into Discord and post a note that you can’t make it that week.
    Term: Long term
    Text or Voice: Voice on Discord
    Voice software used: Discord as mentioned
    Will this be recorded and/or live streamed?: Not recorded or streamed

    Roleplay & Combat mix: Shooting for more RP but will be flexible and may switch focus from RP to combat from time to time.
    Number of Players in game & needed: Looking for 2 additonal players, currently have 4.
    Character starting level & equipment: Starting 1st level. Will be AD&D rule based on classes and equipment. No firearms.
    Character restrictions: As mentioned per rules. I have the PHB and ALL Complete books that FG currently has out.

    Added note: Today is Thursday if you wish to join and you are able to come on today or earlier tomorrow before the start time we can make a character and accommodate starting play tomorrow with your new character.

    Details of your scenario: This is a hand made non module campaign. The world as well as content will be made by the DM. The play will be mostly determined by player decisions and will move along as the players make decisions. You can see a little of the world and some of its content at this link: https://www.worldanvil.com/w/jerasea-merell
    The world is evolving so things will be added and changed as we go along. The players will be somewhat in control of what is added, ie… where you go and things you do.

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    Interested. Do you have a game calendar on this site, or a Discord channel? What character class/classes does the campaign need?

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    interested as well if you still have a slot open

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    I would be interested, if the slots have not been filled

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    Hay guys, sorry I forgot to update the post. We are currently full.

    Thanks for your intrest.

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    Updated and looking for 2 at this time. Above information is still current.

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    Still seeking 2 to 3 people, PM me if your interested.

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