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    Quote Originally Posted by Pepor View Post
    Sorry, but I have to tell you that you rezipped it wrong. You rezipped the folder. In order to make it work, you have to compress the content of the folder.

    Anyway, I am getting different kind of error the first time I create a character or I click on the Main tab.

    Attachment 39562
    Attachment 39563
    I had a quick look in the code trying to figure out the errors.
    The errors on line 403 and 451 is because it is trying to calculate "Wounds" and "Defence" and trying to grab the value from "Toughness". This value is empty when creating a new character, and therefore you get an error.
    Should function normally when you add some values.

    The last error is probably some sort of remainder from a code I used from D&D 3rd edt. I think.

    I hope this is of some use. As I said, I have never coded anything before in my life, so there is bound to be alot of errors in this.

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    Okey, if anyone is still interested, I've made a few minor updates.
    I've actually been able to add some rolls to the characteristics. Though no fancy things like calculating successes or labeling the roll correct.
    A simple D100 roll for each characteristics. So thanks to Trenloe for the simple lesson for "MyTestAction" in the Workshop, which I didn't understand at all, but was able to implement.

    And I've changed the advanced skills frame, so now it actually calculates the total for the advanced skills. And it also rolls.
    It's not pretty, but it's at least progress.

    I've also tried to zip it correctly this time.


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    Works pretty well for me in FGU :-) Ok, sure, still a way to got, but to run a game it is usable by now. If you have some specific questions on how to do some things I could probably have a look into things.
    From Space, hm? I heard it is pretty cold out there that time of year...

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    That would be great. I think the most useful thing to add now, would be the dice rolls and having it calculate the number of successes or fails.
    I know how it should be, but I have no idea how to create a roll action.
    The roll works now, with just a plain 1d100 roll. I would like to add a modifier contextually i.e. if I roll Strength roll, it should get the total strength and then compare it with the die result and giving the result.

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