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    I have now added a new idea and clarified.

    I have also suggested optional improvements that could be added long term. - The diary of a Newbie DM

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    Personally i don't care about mood lighting as much but want mechanically meaningful lighting.

    And the new actual vision distance lighting limitations, that are mechanical not just flavor, are something i'd like to have a night/day button push to make a map be day light or night lit, just arbitrarily when the Gm knwos it is now night or whatever.
    Though this would need an additional layer to tell FG what was "outside" and what was "inside" and a fixed sun light source to apply to any map automatically.

    So not figuring on this happening any time real soon if at all and we probably need to make maps in advance knowing if it will be day or night to light them correctly. Which is a pain for maps we expect players to be on for both nigh and day situations.
    Would be nice to get to reuse just one outdoor map that can button push can be fully bight sun light or full moon dim light or new moon fully dark, without needing to manually set that up in advance each time on the same map or have multiple time of day copies of the same map.

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    If I'm understanding your question, Yeti, and it's about outdoor lighting - we do have that mechanically meaningful capability already. For an in daylight encounter set the ambient light to any setting other than none (from a mechanical viewpoint the "Moonlight" preset is still a daylight setting since ambient light being on gives unlimited vision range unless you use the mask).

    For a night encounter on the same map go to ambient lighting and turn it off. This will make it dark and darkvision and light ranges will kick in.

    Thus by turning on or off ambient lighting you can get that mechanical daylight/night lighting without having to do seperate maps. If the first image ambient lighting is on and in the second one it is not.
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