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    This is really cool! Unfortunately we don't use Discord. Maybe we'll have to try it.
    Fantasy Grounds Unity may be official now, but its release may take a while yet.

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    Even if it's not polished, it would be cool even just as example code...release an "alpha" :-D

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    Would love this for my games. Is it open source? Depending on the language I'm sure you would get contributors (including me).

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    I need it, please !

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    @cupcakus, I was curious what the status of this is as I would love to try this out for my 5E game!

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    I would love to use this for my games, we always have a short discussion after each session to talk about what we liked, didn't like, and favorite moment so adding this into the mix would be really fun for our group.

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    So if I were wanting to have access to this bot where would I go to get it?

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    Would definitely be interested in trying this out!

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    I'd love to try this with PF1e! I've been wanting dice stats for ages. Sounds like fun.

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