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    @CupCakus I would definitely like to help with this project. I have a group (not mine, but several of my friends) that are using Avrae with Discord. I would like to see/help with something similar for FG and your project looks like it is a great base for that.

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    @CupCakus Count me in as well if you are in need of testers and QA. I think there might also be some value here for my fellow streamers that have been looking for creative ways to get some of the in-game detail into our streams.

    Thanks for all your great work on this!

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    Hey awesome, look forward to trying it for our sessions!


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    This is awesome @Cupcakus! My friends and I joke about how terrible my die-rolling is in person and digitally, so I'm excited to get and use this tool. Thanks!!

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    I've been checking this daily to see updates. Seriously cool! Hopefully will be finished for release soon.

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    I would be very interested tp try this out!

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    This is spectacular! Looking forward to a release so I can implement it in my campaigns.

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    Yes, this is cool. Can it be made to work with a Proboards forum?

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    No more news since the 10th of April, I have a bad feeling about this guys. I hope the OP is fine.
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