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    Dice. Dice. MOAR DICE !

    So. The dice are great. I love the physics simulation and all that. I have a monster worktstation that can perform many billions of operations per second ... and it's worth it.

    I separately appreciate that most DLC for FG is actually _CONTENT_ ... which is unusual ... I mean a lot of games just sell hats. I don't generally see the value of hats _BUT_

    I would pay for fancier dice. I have a hole in my heart where dice fit. I don't know why. I don't need the number of sets of physical dice that I have, yet there are dice that I still want --- as yet unobtained dice ... dice on my Christmas list.

    (unobtainium dice? Squirrel? ... back to topic)

    So... while content is your jam, I think you're leaving money on the table without providing dice skins.

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    We thank you for the idea. Please don't hesitate to reach out anytime. My signature has a great link to provide ideas to us. We use this to help decide future projects.
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    I think Dice Skins will come in time....

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