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    Nevermind, I'm dumb.

    Edit: To help anyone asking themselves the same question and not reading, like me, with the ONTURN extension, sneak is triggered only once per turn.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bonkon View Post
    Good Day and Welcome Tatershal
    As shown in the first post, this extension works best in conjunction with the authors other extension:

    If you have not used extensions before here is the Wiki link:

    Basically, download the extension, place in your FG extensions folder (Easily found by clicking the folder icon on the first splash screen when you open FG) then when you create or load a campaign you select these from the list given.
    You need to be sure when you make the effect it is case sensitive so follow it exactly as shown in the post. Sneak Attack; ONTURN

    I understood! Thanks.

    Will it be a sneak attack whenever an enemy is five feet away? And when you have a condition that gives you the right advantage?
    But when the character is simply hidden, then it has to roll manually, right?

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    If the character is hidden they would roll the attack by hitting the adv button typically. If that’s the case it will apply the sneak damage also. If they don’t have advantage on the attack from being hidden (or any other method) then it will check for a nearby ally.

    Edit: Also if you encounter any situations where it should apply the damage and doesn’t, or where it does but shouldn’t let me know here and I’ll take a look and adjust if needed.

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    Updated to Version 1.11 which fixes some issues with the distance calculation not working properly in all cases.

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    Updated to Version 1.12 which cleaned up the code and fixed a potential issue with distance calculation for rakish audacity. All distance calculations are now done the same way.

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    Version 1.13 - Added vehicle type as a creature type and excluded any creatures of that type from granting sneak attack bonuses for being nearby.

    This has come up in our Descent into Avernus campaign so the hell riders and such do not grant sneak attack bonuses.

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    When my players try to use this, they click advantage and roll the attack. I see the message go across that it detected a sneak attack should be applied, but then when the player rolls the damage it does not apply the sneak attack. However when I (as DM) do the exact same actions it applies the sneak attack. am I missing anything?

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    That’s an old version. The updated version is now available On dmsguild.
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    I just figured that out. I went ahead and bought the "updated" version...

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