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    I built my first character yesterday, a full caster cleric. I built it at first level but I am joining a 4th level game. I added levels to the build (at first manually by simply changing from level 1 to 4). That appeared to have messed up the character HP. so I removed the level 4 and put it back to one (again manually). I then added the cleric levels by dragging and dropping moving to level 4. that helped the HP problem, but my spell slots are all jacked up. I have several more than I am supposed to have and two on levels I am not supposed to have access to yet (4th level cleric gets 4 1st level slots and 3 2nd level slots)...i cannot find a way to edit my spell slots to the right level. I have added and subtracted levels and it does not seem to automatically adjust spell slots on the character sheet.

    Can anyone tell me how to adjust this or am I just going to have to live with this?

    Many thanks to you all for the help.

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    Don't remove levels. Not worth it.

    Create a new character and level up via drag and drop. Then drag over items and everything else. It will only take a few minutes and is much quicker.

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    Welcome to the community.

    When you open your character go to the "Actions" tab. At the bottom are two buttons with the labels "Mode" and one with "Display" in front of them. Press the "Mode" button until it shows "Preparation". Then you can edit your spell slots.
    That being said, I would actually advice you to just start over and recreate your character (now you know how to do it, should be fairly simple and fast). Undo a level isn't really something you usually want to do. You have to manually revert anything the automation added before...

    New character: First add attributes, without race boni, then add race, background, class in that order. Then level up with drag n drop and add everything thats missing like equipment and spells.

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    awesome advice...just did it...was fast and painless...thanks for the advice and fast turn around!!

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    This is outstanding. So I did just re-make the character using the drag and drop but I also went back to use your above...it (of course) worked and now I know something new about FG...thanks for taking the time. I appreciate the assist.

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