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    STEAM puts items on sale that the corporation or business entity does not. The pricing schemes will always be different. I purchased the FG Classic (standard) for $9.99 on the FG website it was still $39.99 They are 2 separate companies with 2 different pricing schemes and FG does not follow the pricing of STEAM at all. So if you purchased FG Unity from FG and then purchased a product from STEAM you will need to e-mail your order to FG tech support.

    I've been through this with tech support several times already. Dave had to add the STEAM products to my order history by transferring them to FG Unity. So he basically added the products because they would not sync or download to Unity under the update. I had to send in my log file and there is one thing about FG. They get things fixed quickly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Trenloe View Post
    Unity is not on Steam yet, so there's no Fantasy Grounds Unity application to sync your license to. Youíll have to wait until itís on Steam (and licenses arenít synced) or purchase from the FG store.
    OK, thanks for that.

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