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    devine class spells

    How do I add divine spell list to a character?
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    Quote Originally Posted by tlavalle View Post
    How do I add divine spell list to a character?

    Go to the actions tab, click the edit button to add a spell class and then define whether it spontanous or prepared (or psionic) (by clicking on the book symbol at the upper left corner of the spell class). You then add spells by drag&dropping into the corresponding spell level When you asked for how one can add all spells immediately: There is no way to do it (and probably better so, that would really clutter everything up because there are a lot of divine spells; just add the spells you want to use ). The modules have some buttons in the manual, too, like a reference manual and so on; there are often spells sorted by levels of a given class You can use these to have an overview over all spells, too, and drag&drop should also work from there mostly (or use the filter settings in the spells banner)

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    Go to the actions tab and tight click. There will be an option for to add a spell class. Click that and a new spell class will appear. Title it Cleric or whatever class it is. Click the magnifying glass to display the relavant information needed for the class (spells per level, caster level, caster stat, ect). Once you have the levels set, you can start adding in spells by either dragging them from modules or creating them yourself.

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