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    Help Action for NPC

    So I was wondering if anyone knows a way to implement the Help Action for an NPC as an automated effect. My characters almost all have a familiar of some sort and since they cannot attack, they were wondering about using them for the help action instead. I am trying to figure out a way that this incorporates itself into the combat tracker for ease of use too.

    Any suggestions?

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    Help as in granting advantage to attack rolls?

    No way to automate it since FG won't know if the familiar is next to the opponent or not. Just have the players click the ADV button when it applies. And note, NPCs are generally smart enough, or have the instinct, that if some 'pet' is granting their opponent advantage on every attack, it is easier to attack and kill that 'pet' than it is to kill the main enemy, at least at first.

    I suspect that unless you want your players doing this in every combat every round, you kill a few familiars till they learn their lesson that familiars are not combatants (usually).

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    Good point. I did point that out to them too, but since one is a conjuration wizard and the other is a warlock with the pact of the chain, they could just summon another familiar. I guess they were looking for more ways to utilize familiars in combat.

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