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    Create Charcter issues - help please


    Newbie - I am having issues creating a character, I have followed the guidelines in FGU wiki (abilities, race, class, not using kit). I have watched the AD&D Mike tutorials so positive i am doing the right steps.

    Issues faced creating a 1st level 1/2 elf cleric:
    1. WIS 17, Go to Actions > Powers and note only 1x 1st level spell slot should be 3 (2 from high Wisdom bonus)
    2. INT 13, provides 3 bonus Non weapon profs, only shows the initial 4 on the Skills tab.
    3. Spells - when I bring up the spells window it lists every spell in the PHB, there is a search box at bottom that is case sensitive - so search for cure does not bring up Cure Light Wounds which reduce benefit of spell search. Also I note on the AD&D Mike tutorial videos there is a very good method top and bottom of spells list for filtering spells - has this been removed? - as currently adding spells is very painful - a simple filter by level, school/sphere etc woudl be perfect.
    4. After dragging and dropping Cleric class to make character 7th level -wisdom bonus to spells still not applied, also extra prof slots for INT still not added.

    Any help in understanding what I am doing wrong, or why wisdom, extra non weap profs not being auto populated would be greatly appreciated, lastly am I misisng something with the spells lists?

    I have an FGU ultimate subscription and only have loaded the basics plus PHB, and standard ADD2e theme.


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    EDIT: OK worked out point 3: I was using the Library assets Spells, whereas I should have clicked on the "Spells" box running down right side now I have all the filters

    Still cannot get wis bonus applied or auto add the non weapon profs based on INT.

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    WIS bonus and NWPs from INT don't automatically get applied. Just update the relevant fields yourself.
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