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    External Address error

    Okay, so I am so frustrated right now. It took me forever to get a successful connection test to begin with. The big issue at first was that my PC was connected to a router that was connected to my Comcast modem. This was causing all sorts of issues for fantasy grounds so I connected my PC directly into the modem. I followed this up with opening port 1802 on the Xfinity site which worked but was then reset the very next day (I accepted that as being unlucky). I went back and opened the port up again and then had to allow access to the port on Xfinity. Players were still not being allowed in, then I realized I had to allow access to each player on Xfinity because they were seen as threats. Fine. I did that too. Everything worked, canyouseeme showed the port open, players could connect,VICTORY.jpeg.

    Today I open my fantasy grounds and my external address is showing "error!." I check canyouseeme and it showing that port 1802 can't be seen along with ports 80 and 25. I try connecting with my IP address since that's what my external number was, nothing. I run tracert from a command prompt and try logging into one of the first two IP addresses shown and still nothing.

    I've only just got Fantasy grounds to try and REALLY love the system but this connection issue is killing it for me. Can anyone help? I'd much rather use FG than Roll20, as I find it a way stronger tool.

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    After a lot of googling, I've solved this issue. Had to go to Change adapter settings in windows > network > properties > and disable internet protocol version 6 (TCP/IPv6). Idk why this was turned on. It basically switched my IP address to some long monstrosity, which was confusing Fantasy Grounds. After that, I had to reset the modem, and repeat the steps I did above.

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    Do make sure you read the sticky Comcast, Cox, Xcfinity, Shaw users post as well.

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