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    Sudden token change in display

    Noticed today that NPC's when dragged to Combat Tracker are randomly changing into different tokens

    Info about issue
    5E Ruleset - only extention i have that affects token is druid wildshape. Token needs to be dropped onto the character. (I will test without it installed and add the results)
    NPCs are from standard modules that come with the rulesets and modules, as well as NPC's if copied to campaign to modify their data and sometimes token.
    The tokens showing so far are ones ive assigned from the token assets.
    It is random as to whether they change, some do , some dont. I dragged an orc it displayed an orc, dragged same npc orc and its token changed to a a human male

    token issue.PNG

    The dire wolf token that has substituted in the image above, if i do a search for it in tokens , it is found in data host as per image below.

    token location direwolf.PNG

    If I open assets and go to tokens, data , host (NO WOLF is visible to select)

    data host token not there.PNG

    Then if I go to the folder outside FGU it is there.

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    Ok a bit of detective work, turned off all extentions and turned them back on one at a time, found that 5E Death Indicators (Extended) is the point at which the tokens started to misbehave

    Bit more detective work needed as it happened again and this time Death indicators is turned off. Too late in evening will look again tomorrow
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