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    Midgard Heroes Handbook enough, or do we also need PHB?

    I've read through the FAQ about what's really needed to play D&D, and PHB for FG seems to be a good buy. But if I were to run a campaign in Kobold Press's Midgard setting in 5E, would I still need to get PHB for its automation and features, or would it be sufficient to just get Midgard Heroes Handbook?

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    If you want all the classes and races (with additional options), feats, spells, etc. that aren't in the SRD, then you're probably going to want the PHB. It's really the cornerstone of player options for D&D 5e. See the FAQ here for some info on what's in the SRD and what isn't: If you're fine with not having access to the finer details and additional options then play with the SRD and the Heroes Handbook.
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    Ok, thanks. Sounds like PHB would be a good buy in addition to the Heroes Handbook.

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