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    PC Portraits won't spawn on battlemap.

    Hey guys, new user here, been trying to get started with FG. First off, I'm a Mac user, (Don't know if that's an issue) but I've been spending the better part of my day learning the app and it seemed to be working fine until I started working with the battlemaps. All of a sudden it's like FG won't allow me to place PC tokens on the grid. I can place monster tokens and really anything from the "Tokens" tab, but i can't place PC tokens from their character sheets or the combat tracker. Please help!

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    Don't place NPCs from the token bag. Those are just images and have no NPC instance attached to them.

    Drag your PCs from the top left to the combat tracker. Add your NPCs to the combat tracker either from an encounter or the NPC list.

    THEN, add tokens to the map from the combat tracker.

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    Thanks man, I found you actually have to drag the small portrait on the combat tracker to spawn in the PCs from the combat tracker Not the whole stat bar itself. Although, I did not think about the NPCs not having any stats tied to them from the token bag, so thanks for that!

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