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    Stuck in lockdown looking to join a fun/organized group! My sales pitch inside

    If nobody minds Iím gonna copy/paste my sales pitch from other forums

    Hey adventurers! Iím a 42 year old dude looking for a well organized but still fun group to do some high adventuring. Like a lot of people here, Iím working from home with a wife and kid and thought with this pandemic it might be the perfect time to get back into some D&D. Iíve only been following/reading/dabbling in it for 30+ years. I just never got a game going, then life happened and boom! Here we are. Hereís my breakdown.

    Game: D&D 5e
    Group preferred: Online, preferably around my age group if possible.
    Experience: New player but (30+) years of reading D&D rules/lore/gamebooks/novels/Saturday Morning Cartoon etc.
    Location/Time Zone: Eastern Standard
    Availability: Iím usually available from 8pm-2am est every night, Monday-Sunday/7 days a week.
    Preferred role: Player
    Game style: Adventure/Casual: looking to tackle some of the official content. (Anything with dragons immediately has my attention!)

    The main character Iíd like to give a go is a level 1 half elf ranger. I have plenty of other level 1 characters ready to go and donít mind creating new ones to suit the groups needs.

    Iím down to use Roll20, Discord, Skype, Zoom, whatever. I use just about every type of teleconference there is for work already, so you name it and I probably have it or can get it.

    Shoot me an invite and let me know whatís up!

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    Ya know... I got a strange idea. Working on a character myself that has no game to exist in just yet. What if we just had them "meet" on discord? No actual game they just fart around until one of us finds a group- hopefully together. Then we can even say our characters have a history.
    I can't DM a full game but I can make us a bar and a small town to run around in for a while.
    It's an idea. If no, I'll just put this under my own player pitch.
    "I need to pee!"
    "Roll for constitution."
    "You can hold it for three more days."

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    That could be fun. Though the character I’m wishing to play is kind of a jerk lol. You know how those high elves can be, thinking they are better than everyone else and such ����

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    Mine's a pure elf who got stuck in his ten year old self's body- probably plenty to be an ******* about. He's also an illusionist so might pull off being an ******* back.
    Hmmm... what level should we start them at? Probably not gonna brawl but- kinda want them to be able to pull max pranks on each other and other folks in the bar- without being so OP no one will take us.
    "I need to pee!"
    "Roll for constitution."
    "You can hold it for three more days."

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