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    LFG to welcome a newcomer 5e

    Hello I'm new to fantasy grounds and havn't played much 5e tabletop. I'm looking for a group who would be willing to let me join in on a new campaign.

    I know the basic rules of D&D 5e and FGC

    looking to play for fun and not stress out to hard and happy to learn.

    looking to play in a level 1 campaign that will go for a while where we can really connect with our characters.

    I'm based in the UK so similar time zone would probably be easier but depending on time can reach out further.

    many thanks.
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    Welcolme to fantasy grounds.

    I welcome you to my game, I'm running 5e Eberron, though the time slot is prohibitive. We play Saturday nights 9 EDT (0:00
    sunday UTC) and run for 3hrs every 2nd week. If this does not work for you I totally understand and hope you find a game soon.

    Don't worry about not being an FG expert. We all start somewhere.
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    Hi bchaddock,

    thanks for the offer but it would be 2am for me its a bit late but thankyou anyway.

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