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    New Player, seeking info


    I am interested in hosting a campaign for my friends, Icespire peak. If I buy the Essentials Kit, does that include all the maps for every quest? like Axeholm, Butterskull Ranch, Icespire Hold, etc.

    The product description was unclear on this.


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    Well, from the product description:


    This box contains the essentials you need to run a D&D game with one Dungeon Master and one to five adventurers.

    Game Components:

    - Dragon of Icespire Peak(TM), a 64-page introductory adventure
    - 2 high quality maps for use with the Dragon of Icespire Peak(TM) adventure
    The FG version contains everything the printed/boxed version contains.
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    Right, what is not clear is if the kit contains maps of places, like Axeholm or Icespire Hold, that my players can use for combat encounters.

    Because, from the screen shots, it doesnt look like it has any interactive maps.

    How do normal modules work? Do I buy the FG version, then it comes with maps for combat that my players can use tokens to explore?

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    The Fantasy Grounds product will contain the same content as the physical product.
    It does not contain any additional content.
    All content is converted to Fantasy Grounds format.
    If you buy from the Store here and you are unhappy with it you can refund it.

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    I think the issue that we can't tell you if FG includes maps for those locations is because we don't have the product ourselves so can't check.

    What I have found though is that when a product doesn't have a map for a specific encounter etc, you can almost always find a dozen or so via a Google search.

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