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    Question about version attribute on Diebox in CoreRPG

    For the fun of it, I decided to look through CoreRPG's ruleset to understand it.

    I hit something I can't find a good answer for.

    In the gameelements.xml I find two definitions for diebox.

    <diebox version="&gt;=4">
    		<frame name="diebox" offset="9,4,9,4" />
    		<font expression="diceexpr" total="diemod" dieresult="dieresult"/>
    		<icons secret="gmdieicon" defaultdie="die_general_icon" />
    <diebox version="&lt;4">
    		<frame name="diebox" />
    		<margin value="16" numbertailmargin="10" />
    		<secreticon name="gmdie" />
    I can pretty much guess the version attribute is controlling which one is loaded.
    (Confirmed by me futzing with the code).
    My question is what is version 4? Is that Unity?

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    V4 is Unity.
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    Thank you nice to confirm that.

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