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    Players are unable to connect (urgent)

    Connection test ok but
    Players report that either the download crashes or the program closes and returns to the home screen.

    We have tried to clear the campaign cache, without success.

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    It'll be slow, but try getting them to connect one at a time. Sounds a bit like your internet might be struggling.

    Might also help to cancel any shares that aren't vital.

    You'll probably get more rapid, and more expert, help from the official discord server:

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    FGC or FGU? If FGU has everyone done an update so they are on 04-04-20 build?

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    Its FGC... We are trying one by one.. some players connects but dont see they chararcters to chose

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    Make sure everyone is on the same version (FGC or FGU). They can create their own characters, select a previously ran character or select any unclaimed character. If they don't see open characters to choose, then the GM can open the PC selection window and release them so it clears the owner and makes them available for other users to select. If a player looks at several different characters and then chooses one of them, then they have inadvertently set the ownership on each of the PCs they reviewed so that nobody else can play those. They should be released fully.

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    Thank you all. I believe the problem is with my internet connection. I did a speed test and although the download rate is normal (10 mbps) the upload rate is very low (0.02 mbps) ... I will call my internet provider and try to solve the problem.

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