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    SFS 2-00 Crittercon discussion thread (subtier TBD) SAT April 18th 7 PM UTC

    This discussion page is obviously only for the Fantasy Grounds table of the 2-00 Fate of the Scoured God Crittercon special (on SAT April 18th 7 PM UTC).

    Be aware that player signups will be on April 10th trough the Cosmic Crittermander Starfinder Society warhorn page. This page is for general discussion only.

    I put up a vote for the preferred subtier. If there is no clear consensus, I'll go with 1-2.

    As reminder, you'll need a (SFS-legal) character in the relevant tier already built on FG (or a game-ready pregen).

    As usual, I'll put my contact details and the technical information in a game calendar GM Announcement - once I have the details.

    Quote Originally Posted by Stunt Monkey
    CritterCon 3 Charity Boons!

    As well as a number of boons donated by the community we will also be offering tickets to allow you a chance to win some very special charity boons kindly provided by Paizo!

    For Starfinder we have a boon for The Manticore! A combat modification of the explorer frame.

    For Pathfinder 1e we have a boon for Memory of Eshiro! A set of bracers inhabited by a shikigami kami.

    For Pathfinder 2e we have a boon allowing a character to choose the Splinter Faith feat!

    These will all be available to buy tickets for once the con begins!

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    I have a first-level technomancer (

    and an 8th-level technomancer (


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    Player signup details (presumably 5 PM UTC):

    Quote Originally Posted by Stunt Monkey
    Player signups for CritterCon 3 will open up at 12pm CDT Friday 10th April! Expect more details and info on the con, the charity boons and more in the days to come!!
    Fantasy Grounds table
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    Player signups seem to be open now.

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    That filled really quickly. I was only able to grab a waitlist space.
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    I will play Mucksch my lvl 1 Half-Orc Envoy

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    I found an opening on a tier 7-8 session of this event -- so instead of my 1st level technomancer, I will get to play my 8th level technomancer (Otto)...

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