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    newbie (sort of) writer/artist looking for group

    Well, not a total newbie, but I haven't been playing long enough to have a preferred version. I know I like a little freedom and not really looking for a killer DM (ya know, it CAN happen but I'd rather it didn't- kinda like what I've been seeing on Critical Role, it happens, but it's not expected). Already coming up with possible characters, but details are negotiable, of course. I even have art skills that might lend to creating things like character avatars- check my DA.

    (The art could be a bit, waiting for a DVD player to come as my new computer didn't have one and I need that for my art programs.)

    Aaaaannnd- music link- cause
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    Ya know... I got a strange idea. Working on a character myself that has no game to exist in just yet. What if me and a few of the other people here waiting for a game just had them "meet" on discord? No actual game they just fart around until one of us finds a group- hopefully together. Then we can even say our characters have a history.
    I can't DM a full game with encounters but I can make us a bar and a small town to run around in for a while.

    I need some kind of socialization people!
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    I just posted LFP for Mad Mage Dungeon. Check it out and see if it meets your eneds.

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