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    Looking for players!

    This is a Homebrew game but well developed and will feel like a lived in world. The world is live and has aspects of Ad&D, World Of Darkness, And many other RPG's
    if you like the dungeon crawl, we got you. If you like the RP we got you. Chance of death? YES. but character creation is fast and easy. Good game for a one shot, or join an epic campaign that lasts as long as the World of Empasis has players.

    Dm available daily

    Proposed Day of Week: Daily

    Proposed Time of Day: 11am pst 2pm pst 5pm pst

    Your Timezone:PST

    Proposed Frequencyaily

    GM/Player License:

    Voice/Textiscord https:https://discord.gg/PQ9TqS

    Mix of RPG/Combat/Strategy: 50/50 or by players actions

    Permitted Source Books: This is a homebrew, but any concepts you like can be discussed with the DM

    Permitted/Restricted Player Options: 18+years not safe for work

    Duration of sessions:2-4 hrs

    Setting/Adventure Info:
    The Year is 1289 third age. Empasis is a world still in its early form. There is only one continent and it wraps all the way around the planet's equator. The world is divided along its equator by an ancient magical construct known as The Dwarven Road. The current day dwarves have no clue to its real origin, for it was built by an ancient race of dwarves that no longer exist, or was built by the dwarves who then lost the means and knowledge to do so, and their history of it. Whichever the case may be there is no record in all the dwarven world of ever building anything like the magical construct that is The Road.
    The Road is the only means of safe travel across the face of the world. It is only do the the magical protections it provides that any of the few city states that exist ever stood a chance. For nearly the entire face of Empasis is covered in a very dense forest and even thicker jungles. This jungle is known world wide by all cultures as The Rake.
    The Rake is a prehistoric preternatural wilderness. It houses the most deadly animals and most savage monsters that ever haunted the mind or caused a heart to shutter in fear. Every step away from The Road either north or south is said to be just another step closer to death. As it is known that the danger of The Rake gets exponential the deep one goes.
    There are as mentioned nearly 20 city states dotted along the great expanse of The Road. But most of them are no bigger than 50,000 people on average. The Rake itself has been rumored to house the nomadic tribes of many wild races, and perhaps a few very powerful cities. However most consider those to be just that, rumors.
    There are some very powerful magics on The Road which have been known and have persisted for time out of mind. First it is known that no one can camp on the road. All who have tried have found themselves teleported the moment they fell asleep to a random location, sometimes thousands of miles from where they started. Very few have ever returned when they made that fell mistake.
    But some have. And it is through their extraordinary stories of survival that both taught people the rule, and gave the world some of its deepest knowledge and mythology concerning The Rake.
    Second it is known that to commit a crime on The Road will assure that you end up like those that would attempt to camp upon the magical bricks. Instant relocation by The Road to a most deadly location some place deep in the wilds.
    Thirdly it is known that to move troops along The Road for purposes of war will result in The Road physically shifting position away from the city that sent them. A death sentence for any civilization.
    And lastly, just as above, should a civilization become too despotic or too cruel to its populace then The Road will again shift away from that city.
    Around each city there is usually a large area outside that city's wall. Iy is necessary to clear cut and or burn to ash the grounds surrounding a city because of the rapidity of the jungle's reclamation. The verdant land replenishes itself so quickly that the grass and trees can literally be heard growing. Old growth sized conifers have been known to grow up to 200 feet in a years time. Which is why each city must be vigilant to be both fair to its population and industrious enough to beat back The Rake.
    For a city lost to the reclamation is truly lost in deed.
    There are a few indigenous races to the world of Empasis which are said to be Pure. They are the Humans , the Elves, The (modern) Dwarves, the Halflings, and the Orcs.
    And then of course there is the Impure race, the Skraelings. A Skraeling is born any time that two different Pure races produce an offspring. But what would normally be expected elsewhere on the prime material from the union of an Elf or Human would almost certainly never occure on Empasis. Whenever any two different races mate they produce a completely random and usually unique new being. For example an Orc and a Human may produce an offspring that appears to be animalistic, or even reptilian in nature. But one never knows. Each child of mixed heritage will appear as it will, randomly. This is why in most cities Skraelings are not tolerated or treated very well.
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    I'd be interested in giving this a shot!
    What system would you be using?

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    Hello, I am interested in joining!

    Name: Vince
    Age: 28
    Timezone: Eastern
    Discord: Blind#8139
    DnD Experience: I've played 5e for a couple of years, just started to dm irl for a group of friends. Looking to be a player again!
    Character: Depending on groups composition, I am very flexible to round the party out!
    Reasons I would miss a session: Next to none.

    Thank you for your consideration!

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    Greetings I am new to fantasy grounds and am looking for a party I do need a little help with joining a game if you can help it would be much appreciated!

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    wanting to join a party

    [QUOTE=Redfern;493164]Greetings I am new to fantasy grounds and am looking for a party I do need a little help with joining a game if you can help it would be much appreciated!

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    Hmmm... I love the description of the game world, but I'm leery of "homebrewed" systems. If you ever decide to run this using established rules for the mechanics i.e.- 5e, 2e, or Pathfinder, let me know.

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    you need players, I need a DM how do I join?

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    Name: Jim
    Age: 45
    Timezone: Eastern after 8pm.
    Nights available: Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday possibly Sunday
    Discord: Jaesman151
    DnD Experience: I've played 5e for a couple of years, just started to dm irl for a group of friends briefly.
    Character: Depending on groups composition, I am very flexible to round the party out!
    Reasons I would miss a session: family commitments/end of lockdown.

    Thank you for your consideration

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    I would be interested i joining, I am available any day after 6pm EST. I have lots of D&D experiance. Discord name:deionn7929

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