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    Multi Monitor Support planned?

    Most people are meanwhile having a multi monitor setup.
    Also if implemented well, this could enable fantasygrounds unity to be used in live sessions with a second screen e.g. TV connected to the device.

    When Multi Monitor functionality will come to FG Unity?

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    You can already use a second screen by opening a second instance of the software and connecting to the "localhost".

    I believe that they investigated Multi-monitor support, but it is not a feature of Unity (or many other engines) and is not likely to be supported. Your best bet is to stretch one instance across both monitors, or open two instances, the second being a player instance on the player facing screen.

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    No time Soon (tm). You can search for detailed discussions of why. But in short, Unity does not have reliable multi-monitor libraries.

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    Multi-monitor would make game mastering a whole lot easier.
    Please make happen!

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    Go vote:

    It's already number one, so if it can at all reasonably be done I'm sure they will do so.

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    Unity has Multi-monitor support. At least one program I use built on unity has support for it.

    I use Arkenforge for my local games and it allows you to stream to a second monitor. So the capability is there I'm just guess it would be a significant undertaking to get it to work and the developer isn't willing to commit to it while they are still in beta?

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    One of the developers previous comments on the topic. I feel like I've seen a more recent official comment, but can't find it currently.

    Quote Originally Posted by pindercarl View Post
    That's not entirely accurate. Unity does support multiple monitors and does not require additional GPUs. There are issues if the monitors are different vertical resolutions. The primary issues with multiple monitor support in Unity are 1) requires Unity to be in fullscreen mode, 2) once an additional monitor is enabled, it cannot be disabled, 3) it breaks the UI.

    Unity is not designed to be a windowing environment, i.e. the ability to move subwindows outside the main program window boundaries, and is very unlikely to be able to do so. It is worth noting that even if Fantasy Grounds was developed in an environment that supported multiple windows (which would require separate codebases for each platform), windows within Fantasy Grounds are not windows. At least not in the way that the OS defines them. Windows in Fantasy Grounds are defined in the ruleset XML and have no contextual meaning outside of Fantasy Grounds.

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    I dont get it? You mean you want this?

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    If your aim is to have FG running on a second monitor to display to players then you can still use the old fashioned way of starting a second instance of Fantasy grounds and using localhost as the IP address. This has the advantage of the 'player' instance only showing what you want, as you will have control over what is displayed.

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