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    Dice tower not working in SWADE


    I tried using the dice tower in SWADE. In all instances, whether PC or GM rolled, the results are seen by all in the chat. This is clearly not in line with the intent of the dice tower, as far as I know. Further, I mentioned this in the discord and at the time someone else confirmed it was happening to them at the same time.
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    It is not working in SW Deluxe either.

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    Yea, it's doing the same in our SWADE game as well.

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    In my case (SWADE ruleset), I can throw as many dice into the dice tower as I like, but the result is not displayed (neither for the GM nor for the players).
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    I updated to the newest patch for today and noted that I am once again able to roll in the dice tower but the results are seen by all. This had been previously fixed but has since become a problem once more.

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    if you set the GM to not have his rolls visible the players can then use the tower and can't see their rolls. So it's kinda working.
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    I did some further investigating on the issue with my players during our game last night. It appears the dice tower is working ok for rolled trait/skill abilities,such as notice or persuasion, but does not work with the dice that are on the table, and thus does not work for ad-hoc dice rolls or custom dice combinations stored on the hotbar. For dice on the table it gets rolled but then everyone sees it as GM roll in the chat window, with the result. This is even the case if it is a player that rolls in the tower.

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