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    Just started playing around with Beasts and Barbarians Steel Edition. Loving it so far.

    I also love the theme. However, the border spacing seems off in FGU. I haven't checked the theme extension in FGC. For example, special abilities overlaps it's button and it appears to me that all buttons should appear in the more olive color of the boarder. Maybe I'm the only one experiencing this. However, I would love to use this theme for other things as well.

    Screenshot attached. BB Theme.jpg
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    I haven't looked in FGU yet but yeah the B&B theme always had some incorrect math in the theme and I just never got around to tweaking it. I have the next two weeks off work so I will get it taken care of (finally). Thanks for the reminder!

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    Excellent. Thank you. Hope you have a great day.

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    Hello Talyn,
    thank you for your work.

    I have noticed, that there are some wrong numbers in some items (armor table/players guide/FGU)

    light armor bracers/greaves show an armor rating of 21, truly blessed by some greater gods (it should be 1)

    light armor suit shows armor rating 2 (should be 1)

    and also when you equip different armor pieces, the armor rating adds up, but shouldn't it be the torso armor only that is added against attacks? I have not found a way to correct the wrong numbers myself, besides making new entries of these items as a workaround.

    Some minor issues in the theme (not game breaking): The word modifier (black) on the modifiers field near the dice is barely readable. Same goes for the top line in the combat tracker and the rounds label in the foot of the box. If you know what should be there you can see the words on the dark backdrop. This is also noticeable in some windows like: images (group), story (group), npc (group), encounters (group) etc. The top of the tables of items, armor, weapons etc... (whenever there is black typo over the dark backdrop).

    I don't know if the color of these fonts can be adjusted. I would have tinkered with this myself, but I am no good at scripting and the theme and rule set is not editable (read only).

    Thank you very much for the time and effort you put into this rule set.

    Best wishes from barbarian Bavaria with Beasts!

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