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    Player selectable language for Chat boax?

    As the GM in 5E, I can select different languages to disguise the chat text as. If the characters 'know' the language their chat box shows the translation. The language selection box is displayed for the users running in Demo client, but there is no drop down for them to select a language to speak in. How can the players select a language in the Chat box?

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    They have to have that language on their character sheet (in the right place and capitalized correctly), otherwise it will not be a language available for them to select.

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    From what I can see, the languages are spelled the same. They match up for translating text I chat from the GM Console, so I would think they must match ok for that to work. The drop down arrow to click on is not even available in the selection box for the players.

    Thanks for the reply.

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    In case you're using FGU, there's a known issue that PC languages aren't being added to box yet.


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