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    +1 Monsterous Humanoid-bane Arrows

    Hello again !
    I'm wondering what's the best way to add this item in Fantasy grounds.
    I was thinking to modify the 'Arrows (20)' item from the pathfinder core rules.
    But I think for the actual effect in gameplay, I'm going to want to make a modified copy of the Longbow or Shortbow that's firing these arrows, right ?
    Just not quite sure on the syntax & where to put it - I assume in the 'Properties' box ?
    Thanks in advance.

    Edit 1: I see the excellent Customised Item Generator mod can help me make +1 Bane bows, not sure how to specify the target of Bane, maybe it's a simple as only using this modified bow against the appropriate creature type.
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    Apply this effect: IFT: TYPE(monstrous humanoid); ATK: 2; DMG: 2d6+2
    Don't put the enhancement bonus type, because Bane should stack with any existing weapon enhancement bonus.

    You can either have your GM add this to the global effects window so you can drag it onto yourself when needed, or you can create a fake spell entry on your actions with this as an effect button.
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    Seconding the spell entry on the actions tab idea. Creating a spell class with conditional effects like this is really convenient. My players do it all the time.

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    Great, thanks for the tips !

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