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    Looking For Players: The Rake

    I am Skulk, I am looking to run a new game. It is a homebrew based on adapted White Wolf rules ( so only d10s needed). Rules are simple to learn.
    Must have discord. This is an Adult game so 18+ years old only. This is a story based game and will use Theater of the mind with some maps and such to be posted as needed.
    No power players or rules lawyers please. Once your character is created and approved you will be able to play. But this is an RP server so in chats No one wants to hear your stats or powers unless they are relevant to the rp. PM me if interested. Or better yet Join My Discord. At this time I am looking for just 10 players.
    I have 25+ years exp in gaming, and have run this particular setting for a long time. It will feel like an old school Ad&d game with a white wolf twist. Note this is not a vampire game. Medieval/semi steam punk setting. Mostly wild lands and a few major cities. If you like rp or loot or just love to grind out exp by killing monsters this game will have something for all. PM me here or join discord.

    game is on going and will be starting again at 8pm pst
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