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    Call of Cthulhu Vehicle & Assets item list


    I was rather annoyed when I was running call of Cthulhu since a lot of the assets that the players could purchase (and would most of the time want to purchase) were not there.
    This resulted in me and the players constantly having to jot down and add the items that were missing.

    So I sat down one afternoon for 2.5 hours and added all the assets to the item list, added the cost of the items as well and made it into a module. Hopefully, you will find use from this.

    I want to emphasise: I did NOT make up these items, they were included in the CoC 7 ruleset!

    Thank you.

    Sincerest regards, Marco Fallermo

    Edit: I added Vehicles for you guys
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    Quote Originally Posted by DireLlama View Post
    Awesome work, thanks!
    No problem!

    I also added vehicles to the post if you want to download it! Have a great day!

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    Nice work. Thanks mate.
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