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    Looking for DM

    Hey there, so we are a group of 7 who play D&D 5e pretty regularly. However, because of this shelter in place, we were hoping to try and get together online instead. Is there a DM out there who would be willing to host a one shot for us?

    This would be an entirely new platform for most of us, so we would probably require some hand holding.

    I know it's a lot to ask, but we REALLY miss playing!! Not sure if it is even allowed, but we would probably be willing to pay for someone to DM for us.

    Please let me know! Thanks!

    ~ Nicki

    Thank you to Dark Lord Galen, I am adding some additional information!

    1. We will probably be level one starting out with new characters. Basic mix of characters and classes.
    2. We are located in California, so PST would be our time zone
    3. We generally meet Wednesday evenings but with this staying at home thing our schedules have opened up a bit.
    4. We are all pretty old school - so as of now, I believe only a few of us have Twitch and only 2 of us have FG. Though I believe we would be willing to try anything to get us back to playing!

    Again - thanks for reading!
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    Although my plate is quite full between my own campaign and many online seminars, I would suggest a few details and I think you might get some responses.

    1> What type of group /character mix do you have Classes Level etc.
    2> Your time zone
    3> What day of the week were you hoping to meet logistically.
    4> What resources do you and your group have? ie VTT in Fantasy Grounds, Roll 20, D20 Pro, something else? a Twitch account or discord?

    Hope that helps your success....
    Good Luck and Great Gaming.

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    Thank you for the feedback! All very good suggestions. I'll update my request. (I'm so new to all this, and feel like a complete newb!)

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    As to twitch, its free so its just a matter of setup if your DM utilizes that forum. I know some also utilize Discord, and others Zoom. so might be worth familiarizing yourself with those too.

    Well with "only two having fantasy grounds" that's not really a big hurdle, as long as your DM has one.. the others can access as guests. Now the nuances are not known to me as to how that is accomplished since I am just switching over to FG from another system (D20pro). Thus the small number of posts of my own. Your additional info will certainly help provide potential candidates ideas on what you are looking for...
    Happy to Help and Good Gaming


    aka GM the DM

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    I might be willing to run Lost Mine of Phandelver for you guys. I too am in PST, Tacoma, WA to be exact. I have Fantasy Grounds classic Ultimate license. Players can install and run the demo version.

    Now I'm not by any means an expert FG user but I do know my way around and am still learning. If you guys are really completely new I can create some pregens and have those available. Learning curve for players is not that steep as it is for being a GM.

    Voice would need to be Discord.

    I'm available most evenings.

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    And The gods of Gaming and Quasi-heroes of chance come forth with a possibility....

    Good Luck and 20's for all


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