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    Error importing a character as NPC from GCA into FantasyGrounds

    I can import this character just fine when I use /importchar, but when using /importNPC on the same file it doesn't work. Checking the console I can see

    Database Notice: Imported file 'C:\Users\Azim\Documents\GURPS Character Assistant 4\characters\Kerna.xml' to database node 'npc'

    However opening the NPC section doesn't show any entries.

    The character I'm importing is here

    Note: I'm not sure if this is in the wrong forum and is a general FantasyGrounds thing, my apologies if it's in the wrong place

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    You need to export the character from GCA using the NPC template when creating the xml file.

    See this video tutorial which walks you through the whole process for PCs & NPCs.

    Best regards

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