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    FGU Ulitmate License - DM Question

    I have the FGU ultimate license and am having my IRL group join me on FGU during the quarantine. Each will be playing with a free license (for now). If I create the campaign, can one of the folks in the group be DM or do I have to be DM since I am the only one with the license?

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    No, the GM is the one that shares things out to the players.

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    If you want to rotate DM responsibilities, each person should be a standard license (or better). A single ultimate license means that the owner of that license HAS to host the game.

    Note also that the DM is the only person in the session who can share "books". If you're playing D&D 5e, the DM is the only person who can share the player's handbook, or the WotC adventure. So if you're rotating GM responsibilities, that implies that each person is also going to have to purchase whatever books they desire to run their campaign, even if others in the group already have the same book(s). Note that you don't HAVE to purchase books at all, you can hand-enter stuff but it takes a lot of time and expertise and the books are well worth it.

    Are you DM'ing different campaigns, or the same campaign. The campaign files are also stored on the DM's computer. So if you're swapping around in the same campaign with the same characters, you're going to have to find some way to transfer the campaign folder as well, which sounds like a pain.

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    Thanks for the replies. I figured as much but nice to have confirmation. Thanks again.

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