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    I just use FG for characters so no need for a spreadsheet but I do see quite a few RMC/RM2 spreadsheets in this section:
    Vault RMC Character Sheets.png

    Be aware that they are 3 pages of them when you get to that section.

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    There is a missing link in the optional rules index Dakadin, nothing major but just a heads up. Im so impressed with what you have done with RMC (and continue to do!). Thanks again.


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    Thanks. This should get fixed with today's release. Please let me know if you find anything else.

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    Another little one, FGU this time. The assets window cannot be dragged to resize.

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    Thanks. I will look into it to see if it is in CoreRPG or the RMC ruleset.

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    It ended up being the graphic that wasn't in the proper place the resize was a few pixels down and to the right. I've fixed it for the Tuesday release.

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    Smashing job

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    Hi All,

    Just the first steps in Fantasy Grounds and Rolemaster for me. I am testing the campaign creation and...

    ... It exists the optional rule to create a player with the fixed development points?

    Thank you

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    Hi Tempestari,

    No, there isn't an option in the ruleset for that at this point. I will add it to my list of things to add. In the meantime, the PCs can just use the fixed number you come up with instead of the total that shows on the skill development window.


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    If anyone rolls initiative each round, I added 2 new options that should help with that. They will be included in the release (v2.1.18) tomorrow and should be on the test channel now.

    The first option will automatically roll initiative each round. It has options of None, NPCs Only, PCs Only, PCs and NPCs. It defaults to None.

    The 2nd option will clear the initiative each round has just On and Off and defaults to Off. This will happen before the automatic initiatives are roll so the blank values are the ones that still need to be rolled. It is mainly so you can easily see who still need to roll initiative.

    The defaults are to maintain the way it currently works.

    Please let me know if you have any questions.


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