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    Proficiency Mechanics

    I have a player who is not proficient in a general weapon type. They are however proficient in any weapon with the Injection property. Is there a way to manually change this in a weapon? Proficient seems to be applied if the feature is in your abilities section, and only automatically applies to actions connected to items. Otherwise it seems to just assume proficiency, I don't see anywhere to manually apply proficiency.

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    An option would be to give them a +4 bonus to the attack roll (click the magnifying glass). It would still show up as non-proficient but the bonus would be correct.

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    Yeah, That is kind of the work around right now but the NOPROF drives me nuts.

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    One player has suggested deleting the references between the class and recordname entries in the XML previously but I haven't tested it out yet.

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    So far the best solution I have found is changing the subtype for the item on the action to a subtype they have proficiency for.

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