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    Looking for GM who wants to mentor me in Fantasy Grounds

    Hello people,

    Being and old geezer of 50 and having 30 years of active RPGing, I know better than to spend 300 hours to learn Fantasy Grounds! Thus I am looking for an able and willing high leveled GM , who wants to help me out a bit. There are some basic issues after spending 10-12 hrs viewing various youtubes that I cant answer and it is starting to p*** me off a bit.

    As reward I am willing to shower you with praises and compliments for your brilliant intellect and willingness to help out a fellow GM.

    Being a European, it might be a little difficult to actually "meet up" so if we can do it via messaging, perhaps it is to the best :-)

    Hope to year from you.

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    Fantasy Grounds College seems like your best bet.

    More information here.
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    Thank you for the input. Am on it

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    I would also recommend Fantasy Grounds College as the best place to start.
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    Fantasy Grounds College is a great choice. The classes are free and the staff is very knowledgable and helpful!!! Just got my Ultimate license and have already attended 2 classes....great option for learning this system. You can also find a good source if info on YouTube. You can subscribe to the channel on YouTube for additional informative info. I am 53, played for last 30+ can be done!

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    Fantasy Grounds College also has a discord server with an “ask the experts” channel. You can ask any questions there and usually get an answer within minutes.

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