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    If I didn't misunderstand something, I think one player dropped out, so I'm accepting Otto for now.

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    Update: The scenario pdf should hopefully arrive today/early tomorrow.

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    My latest chronicle sheet is attached.
    Attached Files Attached Files

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    In the meantime one advance warning: I had some trouble with Internet bandwidth during the evenings (for obvious reasons).

    Edit: The good news is that the scenario pdf arrived, the bad news that my Internet has been atrocious the last two evenings.
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    Just a quick note that my Internet has been slowed down considerably during the last evenings. So while I'm expecting it to be sufficient for the session (without GM sounds) there is unfortunately the risk of technical problems.

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    Sorry - I have to resign since I moved very far up the waiting list tonight (I might have been #5 or 6 with low odds) in another session on to the active table, but there were numerous drops. Hopefully, someone can replace Dyzx.
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    I have played SFS before, but characters are lower tier. I'd like to join up with an 8th level pregen.

    Also, I have the Standard license but only just got it recently; I haven't done a full online game with FG before, but I've reviewed the tutorial and I think I've got a handle on things. I can send you my SFS number and XML sheet.

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    Alright, contact information in the game calendar under Technical details.

    If anyone needs a pregen prepped, please let me know in advance.

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