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    Beginner questions for a Solarian

    Hello, we have moved what is normally our face to face game to FG and had our first session the other day. I have a couple of questions of things we could not work out (all of our group being first time FG users). I could not find anything in the FG wiki for Starfinder, if these are answered here, please point me in the right direction

    1) When adding the Solar Manifestation to the character sheet, it did not add anything to the Actions tab. Is the Solarian weapon supposed to automatically appear here? If not how do I add it?
    2) How do we associate crystals and fusions to a weapon?
    3) I am playing a Lashunta. The Lashunta have several spell like abilities. How do I add them to the Spells tab as I could not drag & drop them from Spells. Or am I supposed to have them appear some other way on my character sheet so I can use them?

    thanks in advance

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    1. I suggest using the Solarian effects (import the XML and drag the effects over). For the Solarian weapon I believe you have to create a new weapon item (or edit an existing item) but I can only double-check that in a few hours.

    2. Click the magnifying glass next to the Solarian weapon (after you created it) and change the damage dice. Unfortunately this has to be one manually.

    3. It should be possible to drag them into a new or existing spell class (but there has to be at least one), though I can only confirm that in a few hours again.
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    See attachments.
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