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    D&D 5e Game (Sundays 1pm-4pm U.S. Eastern) LF Players

    Update: Game has been filled.

    FG License:
    DM has Ultimate, players only need free Demo (see Other Software Considerations below)
    Game System: D&D 5th Edition

    Time Zone: Eastern Time USA
    Day of week and time: Sundays 1pm – 4pm
    If new game, planned start date: TBD (basically 1 or 2 weeks after the players are selected)
    Planned Duration & Frequency: 3 hours (1pm – 4pm U.S. Eastern time), weekly
    Term: Indefinite

    Text or Voice: Voice
    Voice software used: Discord at first, then Skype (see Other Software Considerations below)
    Will this be recorded and/or live streamed? At first no, then transitioning to streamed (see Notes below)

    Roleplay & Combat mix: DM will loosely target 75% RP and 25% combat, but ultimately the players will decide on the drumbeat of the campaign. Full disclosure: I love D&D combats, but super-heavy combat twinks will probably not find much satisfaction in my game.
    Number of Players in game & needed: GAME HAS BEEN FILLED.
    Character starting level & equipment: 1st level, do *not* take starting gear from class and background, instead use Starting Wealth by Class chart on page 143 of the Player’s Handbook but take the maximum amount (i.e., do not roll dice). For example, barbarians start with 80 gp, bards start with 200 gp, clerics start with 200gp, etc. Purchase starting equipment from that pool of money, pocket the rest.
    Character restrictions: Only character races found in the Player’s Handbook are legal choices, character classes from a wider option of books will be allowed. There will be a Discord meeting once players have been selected to discuss this in finer detail. (Secret side note: Please don’t tell anyone, but I’m a sucker for passion. If you are burning with an idea that just lights you up but it falls outside of these restrictions, it won’t be very difficult to talk me into it.)

    Details of your scenario: We will be starting with a modified Sinister Secret of Salt Marsh at first level in the DM’s homebrew world. Subsequent to completion of SSoSM, the game will transition into the DM’s homebrew story. Additionally, the game will stream on Twitch (see Notes below) at that time.

    Link to Game Calendar page: N/A

    Notes: Once the players have been selected, the game will run unstreamed to give everyone a chance to get to know each other and become comfortable playing together. When we finish Sinister Secret of Salt Marsh, the game will transition to the GM’s original storyline and begin streaming on Twitch. Therefore, players will need an HD web cam in order to join.

    What Am I Looking for in Players? Ideally, I would like as much diversity as possible in such a small group (DM + 4 players). Nobody will be judged (or even asked about) ethnicity, gender identity, sexual orientation, etc. I’m looking for people who want to play some D&D and tell some stories in an open, safe, non-judgmental, accepting environment. (Translation: If you judge others for their skin color, gender, sexual identity, size of their ears, etc., this isn’t the gaming space for you.)

    Additionally, I’m looking for players who are outspoken and want to be involved in telling the story. I firmly believe that great games aren’t great because of great DMs, they are great because of great players. Shy wallflowers, I love and affirm you all, but I’d rather you watch the game on Twitch than join it.

    Other Software Considerations: Once FG Unity transitions out of beta, I will be switching over to FGU. With FGU, I also have an Ultimate license, so players will only need a free Demo copy. We will start off using Discord for voice comms, but once we transition to the streamed phase of the campaign we will likely switch to Skype.

    Other Non-Software Considerations: Because the game will transition to streamed play once we finish Sinister Secret of Salt Marsh, please only apply if you have a quiet space to play in. Barking dogs and squealing children can be wonderful parts of life, but do not make for good streaming.

    How to Apply: Send me a PM and tell me a little bit about why you think you’d be a good fit for this game. We will set a mutually convenient time for a one-on-one video meet-and-greet via Skype video call.
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    I've got some video meet-and-greets set up for potential players. I'd love to hear from one or two more people. :-)

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    I started interviews and they are going great. I’d love to hear from one or two more people. I’m looking to finalize the player list in the next few days.

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    Hi, timwilcox. You can send a message directly through the Fantasy Grounds forums.

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    Hey there!
    Veteran player from the 80s, learning this fandangled VTT thing. I just picked up FGC & FGU. After reading your post carefully, I am definitely interested in joining this group. I am good for Sundays. I am CTZ though. I can adjust to the timing.
    I Gm my RL group once a month. And I am looking to play something outside of my friends.

    Please hit me up. I can even interview on Discord if ya want.
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    Hey...I accidentally deleted the group I think? Can I get a reinvite? Ty!

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    Assume something went wrong with discord, maybe too many personal servers? I dunno anywho re-invite this is Ryan

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    If anything opens up let me know, I would be interested!

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