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    @Dr0W, any idea based on the image I included what I did wrong?

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    Ok, by the picture nothing is wrong.

    However, I was testing once more because at first I only tested with players, not NPCs. And then, I found out that on the Bull sheet it was written Meleee instead of Melee. (picture ahead), and I know that gang up only adds if you're using melee. So, check if those weapons are correctly set to Melee.

    And that also made me trigger a memory. When I translated the SW ruleset to my native language, I messed up with those and wanted to translate it to another word. It worked, but then suddenly the Ganging Up wasn't working on my translation. So, either way, do you have any extensions turned on? If not, have you tried that with stock npcs, like Goblins? If it isn't any of these, I've got no ideas.

    Edit: If you want to quickly check on that samy situation, on the CT middle click on the weapon attack. On "type" it should read Melee. If it's any thing different from that, that's why.

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    Note that image/map related Savage Worlds feature are not yet guaranteed to work with FGU. This is because map APIs are changed and they are not yet checked.
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    Most of them seem to work... most of the time. There were occasions where the distance was not used, or the entire targeting feature in rare cases.

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    Yes. I noticed that most worked for the pre-gen npcs. Had a bit less success with some made PCs and NPCs from the generator. I'm assuming maybe I did something wrong, but at this point I at least know that it isn't 100% effective yet, easy enough to add 2 to a roll and apply damage as needed.

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    In FGU I was having a lot of issues when I scaled my maps. After setting all my maps back to a scale of 1" the range modifiers and parry adjustments worked correctly. Also the actors need to be put in the combat tracker first, then dragged over to the map from the combat tracker. Otherwise much of the range/distance/positioning automation won't work properly.

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