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    Problem retrieving password.

    So my brother was trying to get back into his Fantasy Grounds account. It's been a while since he's attempted to access Fantasy Grounds, so he couldn't remember his password. Clicked can't remember, and the appropriate screen popped up, just like it should. So he enters his email address and answers the security question. So then it shows up that the answer is incorrect to the security question, pictured here...


    Pretty simple math, no "common core" needed. 3+12=15.

    After inputting the correct answer multiple times, and being told that he was wrong, he was told that he attempted too many times. At this point he gave up.

    Now it's my turn. I did the same thing as him. Answered a different question requiring the answer of 17, and was told that I was incorrect. I tried multiple times in Chrome with no success. Tried multiple times in the Edge browser, with the same negative results. Then tried again in Internet Explorer. Still I was told that my answers were incorrect. So I refreshed the page multiple times, attempting to get a question that did not require a number as the answer. No good there either. The only questions I got, 2 different questions total, required a number as the answer.

    So I answered the question correctly, this time without the email address filled in. This time the new page said that the email field needed to be filled in. Hey that's different, so I'm happy. I fill in my brother's email address, without changing the answer for the question mind you, and hit enter. The new screen shows that an email has been sent to the appropriate address.

    All in all, this took well over an hour to accomplish.

    If at all possible, could someone please look into this?

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    He will need to email [email protected] with all the details.

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    Will do, thank you @damned.

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