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    Are you actually typing 1802? I haven't tested this, but I don't think it defaults to 1802, it only shows a ghosted image of 1802. If you don't type 1802 it's not going anywhere.

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    When I attempt to start a second instance of Unity I get this error from the updater and can't get into the second instance.

    "We have detected that Fantasy Grounds is currently running. To avoid errors in the update process, please close Fantasy Grounds. This dialog will close automatically when Fantasy Grounds has been closed."

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    The updater will not run while any instance of the FG client are running. You can run two instances of the FG client; but you may have to run directly from the shortcut (vs. starting from Steam).

    Also, if on Mac, you need to use a command line. I'll have to look up, if you need that.


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    I've had this issue before and it was due to my VPN being turned on. Turned it off and connected right up.

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    Thanks all for the help. I bypassed the updater and all is good.

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