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    Toggle Grid Snap indicator does not match initial grid snap state

    A minor thing I noticed is that when I open a new map, Grid Snap is enabled for tokens (expected) but the image setting for "Toggle Grid Snap" shows disabled (Capture.JPG). I see this in a new 5e campaign with no extensions. Toggling the setting works as expected, and after changing the setting the indicator matches the image grid snap state. Clicking "Revert Changes" for the image/map returns the grid snap setting back to the default (enabled), but the icon again shows it as disabled.

    To recreate in a new 5e campaign:
    1. Create PC / assign token / add to CT
    2. Load Tomb of Annihilation module
    3. Open Player Map - Camp Righteous
    4. Add token from CT to map
    5. Move token around, it should snap to grid
    6. Open image settings, "Toggle Grid Snap" is greyed out/disabled, even though grid snap is enabled
    7. Enable "Toggle Grid Snap". Snap to grid remains enabled, matching setting indicator
    8. Disable "Toggle Grid Snap". Snap to grid is now disabled, matching setting indicator

    FGU v4.0.10 (2021-02-04)
    5e ruleset v2021-03-09
    Windows 10
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