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    Oh, yeah, if you're using NPC maker that can get you a lot of the way there, but I find I have to do some cleanup and manually pulling things over so I have all the details I really want. NPC Maker does mean I have all of the references I need right there on the sheet to make it a lot easier to do that, though.
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    Thanks for the help, so far i've been adding it manually. It works that way too. It feels like it could be more streamlined though. Not complaining btw

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    NPC maker is good for about 95%, last check has latest version as 1.6, and the only things I have seen that I need to adjust (so long as you have relevant modules open) is weapons and the last power (depending on source, currently working on The Last Sons again and PP gets mixed into the last power which needs fixed.)
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    It may be newer since the last time I used it, but it always seemed some things would be parsed just a little off, depending on the statblock source, so you might get something, Edge, Power, whatever, that turned into a run-on thing that contained the text of the next thing in the block. But I think the bigger thing for me is manually dragging in the official version of stuff to replace some of the text things (even skills!) just so I have the adjoining text for those things that isn't in the stablock versions anyway and, perhaps most important, any Effects text that the FG versions have in them that at statblock won't (or at least not without putting those brackets around the appropriate modifier text if it's in the right format). So I think for me it's gets me more like 75% of the way there. Now for quick NPCs I might not go through the trouble, but for pulling in something like a PC from savaged.us or Hero Lab it's definitely worth going the extra mile, so to speak. For me, anyway.
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