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    • Updated network library to address certain network conditions, and add more tracking.
    • Some module record modifications would not be saved after two sessions (such as sharing). Fixed.
    • Identified and fixed some graphic memory leaks.
    • [DEV] Debug: Add print/printstack API

  2. #32

    • LoS blocker UI rewritten to improve performance when in LoS mode.
    • Window and field frames not updating when frame changed by UI or script actions. Fixed.
    • Detailed network logging was incorrectly disabled after last network update. Fixed.
    • [CoreRPG+] Tokens from CT entries with large sizes not correctly sized when added to a map. Fixed.
    • [DEV] Field focus scrolling and windowlist.scrollToWindow API not updating clipping of child windows. Fixed.

  3. #33
    NOTE: Since network library updates last week seem to have increased reports of stalled connections, we are rolling back the network library updates to the prior version as part of this release.


    • Image layer alpha blending behavior updated.
    • Color dialog activated from image data control in painting and tiling mode initialized with current color.
    • Image layers can be renamed by double-clicking on layer name in image data control. (Enter to accept, Escape to cancel)
    • Built-in dialogs and console did not respect.
    • Lua API rebuilt with a new approach that should slightly improve UI delays.
    • Chat entries cut off when resizing chat window wider horizontally. Fixed.
    • Top-level windows not completely redrawn when resizing entire application window. Fixed.
    • Module lookup name incorrectly used for group display in campaign lists. Fixed.
    • Module names not showing in campaign list group dropdown on player client. Fixed.
    • Some DLC token packs not loading into Assets window. Fixed.
    • Image data control layer list headers not aligned correctly. Fixed.
    • [CoreRPG+] Negative effect dice were not calculating totals correctly. Fixed.
    • [CoreRPG+] When CT NPC added to encounter, and CT NPC deleted; encounter would not work. Now prevents CT NPC adds.
    • [CoreRPG+] Die totals incorrect in FGU rolls when die value did not match die displayed result. Fixed.
    • [5E] Advantage and disadvantage could calculate roll total incorrectly. Fixed.

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    • [CoreRPG+] Rolls did not always total correctly when replacement values occurred in ruleset code (manual/reroll/max/etc). Fixed.

  5. #35

    • Network library update to help reduce stalled connections.
    • Image folders added to image data control.
    • Rebuilt text entry and deletion to use alternate method that should help with fast text entry and international keyboard typing.
    • Session start entry added to chat log.
    • [LAUNCHER] Added tooltip to extension list entries if extension name wider than extension list view.
    • Right click within formatted text field selection region would cancel selection. Fixed.
    • Formatted text field bullets not displaying correct graphic. Fixed.
    • Error when chat output consisted of number without dice. Fixed.
    • Image token facing indicators incorrectly drawn too large when zooming. Fixed.
    • Shaped occluders on images created while players connected were missing a segment. Fixed.
    • Performing undo operation after adding image occluder would not update LoS. Fixed.
    • Points selected in image LoS mode not de-selecting when changing sub-modes. Fixed.
    • Error when changing PC color while image is open with user drawings on the image. Fixed.
    • Older versions of previously cached ruleset and extension files would sometimes not be cleared. Fixed.
    • [SW] Some equipment lists in official modules were not showing list entries correctly. Fixed.
    • [DEV] Windows with multiple controls using same name would lay out differently than FGC. Fixed.

  6. #36

    • Enter key would clear filters and create double lines in text fields. Fixed.

  7. #37
    NOTE: Since these updates required us to change network behavior, we are moving the previous Live version to the Prev channel; and the GM and all players will need to be on the same version to connect to each other.

    • Reduced data transferred during token movement.
    • Data for token LoS/FoW would get too large and impact performance. Improved collapsing of data to minimize size.

  8. #38
    NOTE: Rolling back update temporarily to address issues affecting text interaction related to normal gameplay.


    • Re-factored scrollable controls for reduced graphics utilitization.
    • Adjusted cleanup of scrollable objects to address objects appearing missing after playing for a period of time.
    • Tokens not selectable when in terrain occluder region. Fixed.
    • Terrain and door blockers not able to be toggled unless token on map. Fixed.
    • Player unable to deselect token they no longer have permissions to edit. Selection now removed when permissions changed.
    • Image masking loses masked middle regions when adding new unmasked regions after re-opening image. Fixed.
    • When double-clicking to edit layer name in image data control, the layer name field did not get keyboard focus. Fixed.
    • Formatted text context radial menu did not work when selecting paragraph format to link option. Fixed.
    • Caret location does not match text entry location in formatted text fields when using the chat box paragraph type. Fixed.
    • Mouse text selection not working in some nested text fields. Fixed.
    • [LAUNCHER] Long campaign and ruleset names overlapped each other. Fixed.
    • [CoreRPG+] Player abilities could not be dragged between characters. Fixed.
    • [5E] Text display and caret position not matching text entry when dropping spells on NPCs. Fixed.
    • [SW] Player CT only shows On Hold graphic for new CT entries until GM toggles On Hold. Fixed.
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    • Issues introduced and reported in last build that caused rollback are fixed (Scrolled text and chat field object interaction, click script interactions).
    • Cursor did not change to hand when over chat entry. Fixed.
    • In Assets window, unable to navigate to tokens within nested "campaign" folder. Fixed.

  10. #40

    • Add additional network state log information on tabletop load/exit.
    • d20 number layout remapped to match physical die number layout.
    • Image paint stamp tool not working. Fixed.
    • Resizing Assets window when viewing large asset files is slow. Fixed.

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