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    • Token widgets would turn white and unload when still being used. Fixed.
    • Fallback font load error if ruleset/extension uses undefined font asset. Fixed.
    • Font drawing error if ruleset/extension tries to create text objects during global script load. Fixed.
    • [5E/PFRPG2] Temporary modifier widgets not updating until reload. Fixed.
    • [PFRPG2] Font symbols not being displayed. Fixed.
    • [DEV] Lua random number generator needed to be seeded separately than app. (Did not affect dice, only numbers generated by Lua directly.) Fixed.
    • [DEV] Handler registration for same target object and event within same source object would only allow one handler. Fixed.

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    • [SFRPG] Loading non-Core modules would cause GM to be unable to host cloud campaign. Fixed.

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    NOTE: Starting with this version, we will be moving the previous stable version into a special "Prev" channel accessible through the Settings in the Updater. There is no guarantee how long this version will remain in the Prev channel; but our plan is to keep it there at least a couple weeks to allow gaming groups to coordinate updates as well as to give fallback for specific issues.


    • LoS and FoW engine rewritten to improve speed on most maps.
    • Network facilitation service updated to better support mobile hotspot and IPv6-only connections.
    • Add OS version and graphic card name/memory to standard logging.
    • UI clipping behavior rewritten.
    • Implement window minimize.
    • [LAUNCHER] Add channel information to version text.
    • [LAUNCHER] Implement client file list acquisition progress bar.
    • [LAUNCHER] Add Enter key support for all Join Campaign fields, Campaign Name in Create Campaign screen, and password on Connection password query.
    • [LAUNCHER] Focus set to Join by GM Name on Join Campaign screen, Campaign Name on Create Campaign screen, and password on Connection password query.
    • [LAUNCHER] Add tooltip support for server status, password icon and delete button.
    • [DEV] windowinstance.bringToFront updated to support panels.
    • [DEV] Control frames defined without using name attribute would not display. Fixed.
    • [DEV] Interface.getRulesetInfo not returning correct child ruleset info. Fixed.
    • [DEV] Extension load order not being read from right location (under properties tag). Fixed.
    Last edited by Moon Wizard; June 5th, 2020 at 19:13.

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    • Image data control remnants being displayed in other windows. Fixed.
    • [PFRPG/3.5E] Script error when opening PC combat tab. Fixed.
    • [SW] Script errors when opening combat tracker. Fixed.
    • [DEV] Global functions and global named scripts were prioritizing over tag definitions. Fixed.
    • [DEV] databasenode.getChild was no longer returning self when given empty string. Fixed.

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    • Multiple UI clipping issues (die box, frames, widgets, reordered windows, tooltips, reference images). Fixed.
    • Icon graphics not blending correctly. Fixed.
    • Unable to drop actions without dice onto tokens. Fixed.
    • PC dice fields not being imported correctly from FGC-exported character files. Fixed.
    • Dragging PC portrait or token field sometimes only showed a white outline. Fixed.
    • Chat window entry icons not centered relative to each other. Fixed.
    • Targeting arrows not visible on player client when party vision option off. Fixed.
    • Players were able to incorrectly erase GM painting layer, but did not affect GM layer data. Fixed.

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    • When opening FGC module images with LoS data, LoS is now turned on for that record by default.
    • [LAUNCHER] External service used during lobby connection failing could cause 15 second delays to connect and acquire lobby listing. Fixed to remove dependency on external service.
    • Formatted text field bullets not being clipped correctly. Fixed.
    • Child background frames and colors for list controls not being clipped correctly. Fixed.

  7. #27

    • Change multiple Copy Log buttons in console to single Compile Logs button. (creates ZIP file on user desktop for posting or mailing)
    • Network logging not working since network update last week. Fixed.
    • Records shared with players were not being remembered. Fixed.
    • Mask editing did not update allowed token movement area on images. Fixed.
    • Intra-character spacing would change depending on text content when using UI scaling. Fixed.
    • Text caret did not appear when clicking in an empty text field. Fixed.
    • [PFRPG] Official theme header font not displaying correctly. Fixed.

  8. #28

    • Console and folder access buttons added to loading image to more easily access logs.
    • Logs for one previous client session now saved.
    • Asset file identification time during load reduced.
    • Module state parsing time during load reduced.
    • Module state file size reduced by removing default module states.
    • Image files in module root folder are now included in the Assets window as image assets.
    • Special folders (Campaign, Data and Ruleset) moved to top of Asset Window view.
    • Assets window will now use module display name, instead of internal name, for module folders.
    • UI clipping improved to improve performance, especially when moving complex windows.
    • Blinking added to text caret.
    • Image layers could be deleted while locked. Fixed.
    • Players can move/delete pointers they don't own. Fixed.
    • Image paint layer erasing by GM is not updated on player client. Fixed.
    • Image paint layer erasing was not consistently applied. Fixed.
    • Line-of-sight information for terrain created in earlier builds was not working correctly. Fixed.
    • Extra bags appeared in Assets Window if module shared another module name as a prefix. Fixed.
    • When navigating folders in Assets window, tooltip is not reset correctly. Fixed.
    • Tooltip for assets not correctly showing folder path on multiple lines. Fixed.

  9. #29

    • Add ongoing reconnect attempts every 15 seconds for Cloud server sessions after lobby disconnect.
    • Speed up calculation of file information for multiple player connections.
    • Module data would sometimes be requested continuously, due to data mismatch. Fixed to only request once regardless.
    • Delayed edit string and number fields would not always update linked fields. Fixed.
    • Image LoS bleed-through when multiple images open. Fixed.
    • Players are unable to move tokens under un-moveable tokens. Fixed.
    • Campaign meta-data not being saved to player cache. Fixed.
    • [5E/PFRPG/3.5E] Effects with negative dice modifiers not working. Fixed.
    • [PFRPG/3.5E] Extra space being added to spell descriptions when added to PC actions. Fixed.
    • [SW] Multiple cards in combat tracker are all drawn on top of each other. Fixed.
    • [SW] Dragging card in combat tracker generated exception. Fixed.
    • [DEV] Comm: throwDice - Add support for FGC-style negated dice.
    • [DEV] DB: getText - Not converting table and stylized text correctly. Fixed.

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    • Text would sometimes be garbled in formatted text blocks, such as reference manuals. Fixed.

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