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    NOTE: Both the GM and players must be on this version to connect with each other

    Updates (2020-04-04)
    • Upgraded lobby display size from 100 to 500.
    • Lobby sorted by GM name.
    • More network checks added to detect data loss on sharing.
    • Added support for campaign-specific tokens folder.
    • Console copy button now copies entire log.
    • Added separate network log that can be copied from console.
    • [CoreRPG+] Removed show die total option for FGU. Total display is integral to new chat window display style for dice expressions.
    • [CoreRPG+] Remove images button from Assets window for players, since players can't use image assets.
    • Network "no free buffers" error prevents connections (and other data issues). Fixed.
    • Default GM name ("GM") not being set correctly. Fixed.
    • PC label not set correctly in tabletop character list on player client when initially selected. Fixed.
    • Dice and character portrait color not always updating when activating and switching PCs. Fixed.
    • Character portraits not being removed on player client when other players disconnect. Fixed.
    • Deleting join game history entry would mess up password history linkage. Fixed.
    • [CoreRPG+] Unable to take ownership of PC in Character Selection. Fixed.
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    Last build has been pushed to Live channel. Again, please note that all GM and players in a session need to be on same version (2020-04-04).


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    • [BRP/M&M] Added Assets window support
    • [SW/SWD/M&M] Dice tower rolls not being marked secret. Fixed.
    • [SW/SWD] Deleting NPCs from combat tracker using menu caused script error. Fixed.

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    • Tabletop dynamic font system replaced.
    • [LAUNCHER] Load and Create Campaign sections separated.
    • [LAUNCHER] Removed network information for Free licenses loading/creating campaigns; and added network disabled note.
    • [LAUNCHER] Disabled Load Campaign button if no campaigns installed.
    • [LAUNCHER] Separate Join Campaign section based on Join to Cloud vs. Join to LAN options.
    • [CoreRPG+] Added Import From Campaign button to Images list.
    • [CoreRPG+] TTF fonts displaying at different sizes in FGU vs. FGC. Fixed.
    • [CoreRPG+] Players unable to select language in chat window for language chat. Fixed.

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    • Frame drawing with line splits. Fixed.
    • Frames not drawing well when using UI scaling. Fixed.
    • Some text being truncated too much. Fixed.
    • Fallback font not working if font not defined in ruleset/extension. Fixed.
    • [PF2] Action symbols not displaying in action text. Fixed.
    • [SW] Script error when grouping NPCs on combat tracker. Fixed.

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    • Frame decals were being drawn incorrectly. Fixed.
    • Frames larger than 1024 were not being drawn correctly. Fixed. (2048x2048 is now the maximum ruleset/extension UI texture size, same as FGC.)
    • Text selection was not drawn incorrectly if selection end index at beginning of another line. Fixed.
    • Lists were incorrectly resetting scroll position when clicking inside list when focus outside list. Fixed.
    • [CoreRPG+] Unable to interact with images on medium sized background panel. Fixed.
    • [5E] When double clicking or dragging skill rolls while skill list scrolled, the incorrect roll would be made. Fixed.
    • [DEV] Reverted frame masking changes that would cause white list backgrounds and interfere with images. Still working on replacement.

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    • Lobby connection status added to top left of title area of launcher.
    • Improved lobby reconnection behavior for requesting list, starting servers and connecting as player.
    • Added ruleset/extension accouncements to GM logs.
    • Change font measuring/drawing errors to warnings for log.
    • Formatted text chat and table lines updated to match normal font color.
    • [CoreRPG+] Added Import File button to campaign Images list.
    • [CoreRPG+] Targeting toggle option on modifier box changed to red when turned off.
    • GM chat name not being saved on launch screen when creating/loading campaign. Fixed.
    • [CoreRPG+] Story templates using angled bracket tag lookup did not work. Fixed.

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    • [INSTALL/UPDATE] Updated installation process to walk through settings entry
    • [INSTALL/UPDATE] Rebuilt to work better for non-admin users. May cause settings for non-admin users to be lost, if using non-default values.
    • [INSTALL/UPDATE] Prevent app and data folders from being the same.

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    • [LOBBY] New lobby server update to improve uptime.
    • Add /info and /version commands.
    • Loading speed improvements when starting tabletop mode.
    • Minor UI speed improvements in tabletop mode.
    • Players receiving duplicate ruleset and extension version info on tabletop mode startup. Fixed.

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    NOTE: Thanks for your patience on this build. We've been working a lot on the back end optimization, which means that underlying systems were getting reworked which caused some bumps.


    • Added campaign option for party vision (Off by default).
    • Font system improved to handle more font files without errors, and display more closely to the way FGC handles fonts.
    • Dice clarity improved at default resolution.
    • Increased lobby size listed on launch screen up to 1000.
    • Minor UI speed improvements in tabletop mode.
    • [CoreRPG+] Reference module treasure parcels would not transfer correctly. Fixed.
    • Character import from other campaigns not loading data correctly. Fixed.
    • Character import from other campaigns not setting portrait on importing player client correctly. Fixed.
    • Released PCs not available in Character Selection until reset. Fixed.
    • White box shown in dice fields on PC sheet sometimes. Fixed.
    • [DEV] Support ruleset version numbers with more than one period.

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